Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thoughts about the current Left Behind Games/Inspired Media situation

I just learned that Troy Lyndon, CEO of Left Behind Games/Inspired Media company, was charged in September with stock fraud. As far as I know, no trial has happened yet, but of course that hasn't stopped long-time critics of the "Left Behind" games from treating the charges as convictions. Why wouldn't they? They treated the accusations against the games as cold, hard fact without bothering to confirm them. Just par for the course with these folks. They are also pretty gleeful about these charges. They undoubtedly view them as a stain upon the entirety of Christendom. Again, par for the course.

So, what happened here? If it turns out that the charges are based on fact, then it's unfortunate that Mr. Lyndon gave in to sin (greed, specifically). He is only human, though. Being a Christian doesn't make someone immune from succumbing to sin as many critics of Christians seem to think. Christians can and do sometimes give in to sin. Does that mean they are hypocrites? No. It means they are imperfect. Only one man in history was ever sinless and perfect and he died a criminal's death on a cross at Calvary to pay for the sins past, present, and future of those who repent and put their faith in him.

All in all, this whole situation just goes to show the immense price that sin costs people. The sins of the people who lied about the "Left Behind" games hurt the company financially. That apparently led to the unfortunate decision of Mr. Lyndon to commit his own sin -- perhaps out of a love for money. Ultimately, nobody wins here. Oh, the people who lied about the game think they won, but at what cost?

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