Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mojave Cross STOLEN

I honestly cannot say that I'm surprised.

WWI memorial cross stolen from Mojave National Preserve
Vandals toppled and removed the 8-foot-high cross at Mojave National Preserve in California less than two weeks after the Supreme Court ruled the controversial memorial could remain on federal property.

The cross, which has stood in various forms for the last 76 years as a memorial to World War I soldiers, was stolen late Sunday night or early Monday morning, according to officials from the Liberty Institute, a conservative advocacy group that deals with church-state issues. In a statement Kelly Shackelford, the group’s president, called the actions “disgusting.”

Vandals cut through a series of metal bolts to remove the cross — still covered by a wooden box — from its concrete foundation.

The cross had been covered with plywood for 10 years as the legal fight surrounding the memorial wound through the courts. Officials from the Liberty Institute argued in favor of allowing the memorial to stand, saying that censoring the cross violated veterans’ freedom of speech and religion.

Notice that supporters of the cross left the wooden box covering it alone for 10 years while the fate of the cross was decided in the courts. It only took opponents of the cross 2 weeks to decide that their will supplanted the will of the highest court in the land. It's kind of poetic. They have the same attitude about the One who made the cross such an object of their hatred. They are disobedient to God, so why would they be obedient to any other authority they disagree with?

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Left Behind: Eternal Forces - Picking up where I left off

If you recall, I had been posting a series about my experiences playing the Left Behind: Eternal Forces PC game. You can find the posts here. I put playing the game on the back burner due to time constraint issues from the days before and after the birth of our third child. Those issues have passed now and I've felt the desire to get back to my analysis of the game and the claims of those who have smeared it. After an unfortunate incident with the loss of files on our old computer, that desire will become a reality now thanks to the help of the games' senior producer. Thanks again, Kevin!

Kevin also let me know (which I should have known had I paid closer attention to the recent press releases from the company) that Left Behind 3: Rise of the Antichrist should be out by Christmas! That is exciting news and it's really given me an increased drive to finish up with both Eternal Forces and Tribulation Forces.

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