Friday, October 24, 2008

Ex-gay mom might have child given to former partner

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Silencing Christians

Lisa Miller, mother of six-year-old Isabella, is scheduled to appear in Rutland Family Court in Rutland, Vermont on Monday, October 27, at 9:00 am. At this hearing, Miller will learn if she will be sent to jail for refusing to allow her former lesbian partner, Janet Jenkins, visitation with Isabella. Courts in Virginia where Lisa and Isabella live have ruled the Vermont order requiring visitation is not valid because Virginia does not recognize same-sex civil unions. Miller and Jenkins were in a civil union performed in Vermont when Isabella was born to Miller via artificial insemination. Jenkins never adopted Isabella and Miller maintains there is no legal connection between Jenkins and Isabella.

At the upcoming hearing the Vermont court may also order a change in custody. Jenkins is seeking sole legal and physical custody of Isabella. Among other issues, she claims Miller is emotionally abusing Isabella by teaching her the Biblical view of homosexuality.

Judge William D. Cohen will preside over the hearing. Pray that the judge will protect Lisa and Isabella Miller and not allow this little girl to be used as a pawn in the same-sex marriage/homosexual agenda.

Ridiculous! If this were a man who was not the biological father of the child instead of a lesbian, there would be absolutely no question even among liberals that he had no legal rights to the child.


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