Saturday, September 27, 2008


My wife and I went to this film last night and I have to say it was one of the best films I've ever seen. It's very engaging, with lots warmth and love. Many of the scenes are difficult to watch, particularly if, like me, they remind you of low points in your own marriage, but there is always the silver lining of hope, love and, best of all, faith. There are some very touching moments as well as suspense, excitement and a lot of humor that is far, far more hilarious than any of the garbage-filled "romantic comedies" out of Hollywood. This film delivers in a big, big way and will make you deeply contemplate your life and choices. It's not for kids, who won't understand the subject matter and might be frightened by some scenes' intensity, but it's a must-see for older teens and adult couples who are dating, engaged or married (from 1 day to 50 years and beyond). I highly recommend it.

The theater my wife and I went to was packed. There weren't very many seats empty, which was amazing. Furthermore, at least one couple (one of whom was an old college friend of my wife's, amazingly enough) came from about 90 miles away to see this film. This film is going to do really well at the box office. Probably considerably better than the predictions. I think word-of-mouth is going to really help it.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Traditional Christianity promotes rationalism

I can think of quite a few people whose heads are going to explode at this news:

The reality is that the New Atheist campaign, by discouraging religion, won't create a new group of intelligent, skeptical, enlightened beings. Far from it: It might actually encourage new levels of mass superstition. And that's not a conclusion to take on faith -- it's what the empirical data tell us.

"What Americans Really Believe," a comprehensive new study released by Baylor University yesterday, shows that traditional Christian religion greatly decreases belief in everything from the efficacy of palm readers to the usefulness of astrology. It also shows that the irreligious and the members of more liberal Protestant denominations, far from being resistant to superstition, tend to be much more likely to believe in the paranormal and in pseudoscience than evangelical Christians.

So after many, many years of atheists and "freethinkers" proclaiming themselves to be "more rational than thou," the facts come out and proves them to be among the most irrational of all.

Funny that.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'd like you to meet my daughter Blaster Commando

Here's a fun website: the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. We've been having some fun with it over on Conservative Underground. My daughter's name (when I put in just her first and middle names) came out as Blaster Commando, which was pretty cool.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never forget

Please click the links to the right to go to my tribute to Mark Bavis and to the Project 2,996 website where you can read more unforgettable stories of those lost on 9/11/01.

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