Wednesday, February 20, 2008

LB:EF - Mission 20 (incomplete)

Alright, I decided to skip ahead to level 21 (which I can do due to the "Tribulation Forces" upgrade). Level 20 was proving to be difficult for me to get through. Enemy units were just coming to attack my meager group too quickly and my units were getting slaughtered physically and spiritually. I kept losing the game either to a major character getting killed or turned neutral.

So anyway, this mission was about acquiring 3 GCP vehicles for the Tribulation Forces to better get around the city in. You start out with Rayford Steele, a builder, a spy (who honestly sounds like William Shatner to me) and a few soldiers. Despite having the soldiers, one of the goals of the mission is for it to be peaceful - i.e. no deaths on either side. Indeed, as with every other level, it is far, far easier to survive using musicians to turn enemies neutral than it is using soldiers to blow them away.

Mission 20

Build, recruit, train, acquire vehicles, and survive.

VE: 0
CK: 0
PS: 33

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