Monday, October 15, 2007

LB:EF - Some screenshots

First I want to share a ridiculous image that someone who obviously hasn't played the game created:

Click to enlarge.

See what they did there? They marked every gun-wielding character on the screen with a cross and other characters with Star of Davids and a Islamic star and crescent symbol. For those of us actually familiar with the game, the truth is much different. The characters with the guns are the Antichrist's forces, not Christians. I can tell this from how they are dressed. Each character type in the game has a unique appearance and those characters are dressed as Global Community Peacekeepers. The woman on the ground under the Islamic symbol, the woman in the background under the left-hand Star of David, and the man in the lab coat (a doctor) next to the latter woman are Christian characters. Again, this is according to their appearances. Notice how these unarmed non-combatants are being targeted and killed by the "U.N." (NOT!) soldiers.

Here's another screenshot from a mission where your chapel comes under attack:

Click to enlarge.

The armed characters are the Antichrist's forces again trying to destroy your chapel. (Yes, they're shooting guns to destroy a building. Not exactly realistic, but that's not the point.)

This next one is cool because is shows the level of detail the game creators used in creating the streets of New York:

Click to enlarge.

You can actually read the street signs! I don't think I've seen another game with such an attention to detail.

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