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LB:EF - The latest brouhaha and the left's continued lies

[Greetings, visitors from ExChristian and other blogs. Please check out my more recent post about LB:EF that addresses and disproves the claims that the game promotes killing non-Christians.]

As I struggle to figure out how to survive level 20 of the game, I came across the latest "controversy" surrounding the game. It turns out that Left Behind Games has decided to address the lies that a lot of people have spread about LB:EF. LBG recently sent out a letter to various blogs politely but firmly requesting that they remove all misleading or false information they have spread about the game or face potential legal action. Of course, it's virtually impossible to find any neutral coverage of this situation as the people who are reporting it are the targeted bloggers and/or their supporters. Here's a sampling of what you can find:

Left Behind Games Inc. Sent me a Nastygram
Makers of "Left Behind" Game Threatening Bloggers?
Left Behind Threatens To Sue
We’ll sue if you post a poor review of our game

That last one is pretty indicative of the usual false portrayal of what LBG did (kind of like how they falsely portrayed the game). This letter wasn't about poor reviews in general, and that is proven by the large number of websites that didn't receive the letter. The letter was about misleading and false information about the game. I'm certain that it refers primarily to the claim that the game promotes killing non-believers. That seems to be a common thread among the blogs that have received the letter.

Of course, these blogs are complaining that the letter didn't specify exactly what information LBG wanted removed from each blog, asking, "How do we know what to remove if they don't say exactly what their asking to be removed?" Aside from the fact that one could simply just check either the company's and game's websites or even neutral websites that actually reviewed the game instead of the theology behind it, last time I checked, ignorance (real or claimed) was not a legitimate defense against wrongdoing in any court of law. The hostility these bloggers have against the game, the company and fundamentalist Christian in general doesn't allow them to think clearly, logically or rationally about this situation, though. They are convinced that they are absolutely right about the game, even if they have never played it themselves, and nothing - not even the threat of legal action against them - will convince them to re-examine and/or retract their faulty claims.

They also complain that LBG is bullying bloggers and that no one has ever done anything like this before. Untrue on both counts. Look at it this way: LBG is a company that produces a product and they have every right to defend that product against false, damaging claims against it. This is absolutely no different from a food company protecting its products from false claims that they are contaminated or deliberately poisoned. No one would fault a food company from threatening or taking legal action against people spreading such falsehoods, so why are people faulting LBG for doing the same? The answer is simple: the critics don't want to admit fault. Not to fundamentalist Christians, anyway. It's all about prejudice and bigotry - the only prejudice and bigotry that is acceptable anymore, in fact.

UPDATE: You know, I wish every blogger had either comments enabled or at least an email address to be able to contact them. This guy got the letter, but doesn't have a clue as to why. I'd like to help him figure out why. He apparently thinks it's about his sharing the company's public financial information in this post, completely ignoring that he wrote this:
Those who do not convert are killed by their “would be” saviors.

When I first heard about these letters, I was completely convinced Left Behind Games was targeting the "kill the unbelievers" falsehoods. When I looked at what people who have received this letter (including this guy) had said about this game, it only confirmed my conviction.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I found an email address for that guy. I just had to dig a little deeper into his various websites. I sent him a little helpful note.

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