Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LB:EF - Mission 19

This mission again centers around the same four chapels you built in Mission 17. This time, you need to train four groups of five elite soldiers protect the chapels from GCP attackers for 10 minutes. You also need to keep your units from turning neutral from the influences of musicians and influencers (which you encounter more frequently than GCP soldiers and whom your soldiers rightly won't attack, so you'll also need to train your own musicians to counter). As usual, your soldiers only fight in defense when directly attacked by GCP soldiers. If the GCP soldiers attack the chapels or your non-soldier units, your soldiers won't respond. I found that the easiest way to complete this mission is to stock up on musicians and have several of them accompany each group of soldiers. That way, the musicians can stop GCP soldiers, musicians and influencers by turning then neutral. This helps not only to keep your soldiers from killing enemy units, but also to keep your units from turning neutral, too. At no point in this mission is there any sort of call to proactively kill enemy units, not even the GCP soldiers. (One group of my soldiers did end up killing a couple GCP soldiers, however, since I got distracted from the game for a moment and I didn't switch to the group of musicians with them fast enough when I returned to the game.)

Mission 19

Build, recruit, train, defend chapels, and survive.

VE: 0
CK: 0
PS: 32 (we'll call this one a wash since the solution is left up to the player and neither option is encouraged outright)

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