Thursday, June 28, 2007

LB:EF - Missions 13, 14, and 15

Missions 13 to 15 are another sort of mini-story. In these missions, you encounter your first references to the military aspects of the game. As before, however, peaceful solutions are encouraged. Another character from the books and movies arrives to help and you also encounter two very special aspects of the game: Saints and scrolls.

Saints are special characters who I find are akin to Old Testament prophets. They are not a character type that can be acquired through training, but they will join your group when you find them. They have a number of very powerful abilities that don't really come into play at this point in the game, though.

A scroll is a special item that is produced by chapels when you achieve certain goals. When one appears, you must send a character to acquire it. When you do, the gameplay narrator (as opposed to the narrator for the mission introductions) reads a passage from the Bible which also appears on your screen. The scroll then becomes a usable item. What does it do when you use it? You'll only find out if you play the game. *wink*

By the way, it suddenly hit me a few days ago where I had heard the gameplay narrator's voice before. It's Chris Fabry, who can be heard on Christian radio (I've mainly heard him on Adrian Rogers' "Love Worth Finding" program) and who has also co-authored the "Left Behind: the Kids" series of books.

Mission 13

Find a new friend, recruit, train, build and more.

Mission 14

Recruit, train, build, find the Saints and more.

Mission 15

Recruit, train, build and more.

VE: 0
CK: 0
PS: 29 (previous score of 26 + 1 per mission)

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