Thursday, June 07, 2007

LB:EF - Email from the game's senior producer!

How cool is this?
Hey Jason,

My name is Kevin Hoekman and I am the Sr. Producer of left Behind: Eternal Forces. I have really enjoyed your series of blogs about the game. Please get the latest version of the game and blog about your impressions of the fixes. Every one of your issues should have been fixed by now. As for the animations – they are just what the creative artists came up with, sorry you don’t like them. You probably have noticed though that your influencers and recruiters now have animations when they are spiritually threatened. As for the voice overs, many units have over 25 call outs and industry standard is about 6. yes, many of them are the same words, but the inflections are different, thanks for noticing.

A really cool thing I am working on are the walkthroughs. These show exactly what the objectives are for each mission and how to complete them and you’ll notice that never tells the player to commit acts of violence against anyone.

The latest version of the game is up – E9!


And his follow-up after I responded:

You have my permission, no problem. I didn't take what you wrote the wrong way. Believe me, I had many concerns about the game and have attempted to make it better with every update. We just released our ninth yesterday and have added over 100 features. Tell me any other game that did that within the first 7 months of releasing.

There were so many unfair things that happened in terms of people bashing the game without ever seeing it and the media had a lot to do with it. To this day we still haven't received a complete review of the game, even from those who reviewed it positively.

The novel included in the package, the system requirement page, the tech support button on that page, those are all firsts as far as I know. Buying music from links to itunes in the game, blogging discussions from links within the game, the list goes on.

We're still plugging along, making the game better every day.

We appreciate the truth being told!


Wow! I'm really pleased and encouraged that Kevin appreciates my posts about the game. Thanks, Kevin!

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