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LB:EF - the manual

The LB:EF manual not only shows you how to play the game, but it also states the goal of the game. On page 26, a shaded box states:

Save as many people from the clutches of the antichrist as possible.

Your purpose is absolutely NOT to wipe out enemy forces!
Remember, those are PEOPLE he has deceived and can be recruited.

I don't know how much more explicit the game's creators could've been. You win the game by converting, not killing.

Here's more under the description for soldier units:
Soldiers have made themselves available to defend your forces from bodily harm or death.


They are performing their roles as physical defenders, but their #1 goal is still to save as many people from the antichrist as possible.

Additionally, any Soldier who personally inflicts a casualty is individually affected. With each life he ends, his Spirit level will immediately drop substantially. Killing a Neutral should be avoided at all costs - and the spiritual penalty for doing so is especially harsh.

Your duty and moral obligation is to use soldiers as little as humanly possible. Use everything at your disposal to avoid casualties.


If the antichrist's forces physically attack one of your people, your Soldiers will defend the teammate, but will not engage the enemy otherwise.

In extremely rare situations, you might find your Soldiers in a life & death situation where they simply cannot afford to fight defensively- such as if they are trapped, with overwhelming odds against them.

Purely at your discretion, you have the option to give them direct orders to fight aggressively until ordered otherwise. Your soldiers are highly disciplined - they will not fight aggressively without your express orders. However, in this aggressive state, they will actively engage any armed combatant enemy units within their sight. They will not attack unarmed non-combatants, including Neutrals.

Remember - your soldiers will always receive spiritual damage when inflicting any casualty. Leaving your soldiers in aggressive mode will be disasterous for your & your forces.

Your soldiers - even if in aggressive mode - will still ignore noncombatants. This puts your troops at a SEVERE disadvantage fighting against enemy spiritual warfare.

And if that isn't enough, the descriptions of each type of soldier unit go further:
...their orders are NOT to shoot unless their teammates are attacked themselves. [Soldier - Level 1 Soldier]


He is more deadly than the relatively junior soldiers, and must be used with more caution because of this. [Special Forces - Level 2 Soldier]


...his exceptional skill is a clear danger to winning the spiritual war he is also fighting. Command him with extreme care. [Elite Forces - Level 3 Soldier]


Be careful with this unit - his skills are deadly at a longer range, which could easily result in greater casualties, which is something you absolutely don't want. [Sniper - Level 3 Soldier]

Now, show me in any other game - especially games with weapons and soldiers - where the goal of the game is explicitly stated to avoid killing. Good luck with that because you simply won't find even one. Since the days of games like Mario Bros., killing - whether portrayed as stomping enemies flat, hitting them with a sword, or shooting them with weapons - has been encouraged. LB:EF is the only game in the past 30 years that I can think of with any sort of explicit admonition against killing, particularly in regards to soldier characters in the game. In fact, you can't win many of those other games without killing.

Also, at no point in the manual does it state anything about "convert or kill." It's true that some enemy forces are very spiritually powerful and difficult to convert, but nowhere in the manual is the player encouraged to kill them instead of trying to converting them. Absolutely nowhere. The people who are claiming that the game encourages "convert or kill" are either ignorant and haven't even read the game manual or they are lying. I would hope that most of them are the former, as that can be easily remedied. The people who are lying about the game, however, are those with an agenda against evangelical Christianity and no amount of undeniable facts will dissuade their lies. That is a profound shame. In either case, though, such people need our love and our prayers.

So as I explained before, here are the scores for the manual:

VE: 0
CK: 0
PS: 13 (at least!)

Up next: the game tutorial.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Now, show me in any other game - especially games with weapons and soldiers - where the goal of the game is explicitly stated to avoid killing."

Have you ever played the Metal Gear Solid series? In that series, you're supposed to sneak past enemy soldiers rather than killing them. In one version, you can even go through the entire game without killing a single person by using a tranquillizer gun.

May 20, 2011 12:49 PM  
Blogger Jinx McHue said...

The Wikipedia article states that the hero of Metal Gear is unarmed, yet the game is still rated Mature. In any case, the goal of Metal Gear is never stated to avoid killing, but to avoid being caught.

May 20, 2011 2:44 PM  

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