Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's stuff like this that makes my brain squirm

Wikipedia's entry on 0.999... (a repeating decimal that goes on for infinity). Read the first sentence:
In mathematics, 0.999... [can't reproduce the symbols here] is a recurring decimal exactly equal to 1.

Now, if you're like me (and probably 99% of the rest of humanity), you look at the number 0.999... and think, "That's not exactly equal to 1 because it's not 1!" Your eyes are telling you it's not exactly equal to 1.

Now scroll down the Wiki page to the proofs and look at the little grey boxes on the right. This is where the squirming begins.

First, the fraction proof in my words. We all know that three thirds (or as we Norwegians say, "tree turds") equals exactly 1. Well, one third ("one turd") equals 0.333... (another infinitely repeating decimal), so 0.333... + 0.333... + 0.333... = 0.999... or 1.

Or how about the algebra proof? I'll just leave this one to speak for itself:

c = 0.999...
10c = 9.999...
10c − c = 9.999... − 0.999...
9c = 9
c = 1

This stuff makes me glad that the most amount of math I usually have to do involves balancing a checkbook to two decimal places.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A guaranteed smile

Free hugs!

Here's the touching background:

On May 19, 2001, the love of my life and my best friend finished her course here on Earth - my mother, Josephine Hunter. A day that began in sheer sadness ended in great joy because I realized that my mother had done exactly what God had required of her. She simply let everyone she came in contact with know that they matter. She was truly a friend to everyone, regardless of age, race, or gender.

What an amazing world it would be if we were known as people who have a smile and a kind word for everyone. No matter what our jobs are, perhaps the most important work we can do is to help and encourage others, especially by our actions. With constant threats targeted towards our morale and human spirit, kind and encouraging actions are needed to get us through our everyday situations, no matter how big or small they may be.

FREE HUGS will be the company that will always promote our two most sought after possessions, happiness and our sense of belonging. FREE HUGS will always consist of excellence in the development of leaders, action in the community, and service to customers.

So thank you for supporting FREE HUGS and always remember, we all need one.

Your Friend,

Jason Hunter

What a great inspiration! Everyone should do this.

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