Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Optical illusions to make your brain squirm

Found via Sam:

#1 - Checker Shadow: Look at squares A and B. They are the same shade! Click on the image for proof. Crazy! Now keep clicking several times like I did in an attempt to comprehend it.

#2 - Cool Optical Illusion: Stare at the black dot for a while. You'll notice the circles starting to twitch. Now move your head closer or farther away from the screen. They spin! (Or appear to.)

#3 - Pacman Illusion: First, try to follow the pattern long enough to see that the space is empty when each dot disappears. Then stare at the cross in the middle. You will eventually see a moving green dot appear in the ring of dots. Keep staring. The purple dots will start to vanish! If you're like me, they didn't vanish all at once or in sequence, but there probably will be a brief moment when it seems that they have completely disappeared, leaving the green dot to itself. Weird, wild stuff.



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