Monday, February 09, 2015

Left Behind games vs. Google Earth 4.3

It's interesting, years ago, the Left Behind games had city graphics that were at least as good as, if not better than (given the appearance of cars on the streets), what Google Earth has now, yet the games were heavily criticized for how bad the graphics supposedly were for the time.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thoughts about the current Left Behind Games/Inspired Media situation

I just learned that Troy Lyndon, CEO of Left Behind Games/Inspired Media company, was charged in September with stock fraud. As far as I know, no trial has happened yet, but of course that hasn't stopped long-time critics of the "Left Behind" games from treating the charges as convictions. Why wouldn't they? They treated the accusations against the games as cold, hard fact without bothering to confirm them. Just par for the course with these folks. They are also pretty gleeful about these charges. They undoubtedly view them as a stain upon the entirety of Christendom. Again, par for the course.

So, what happened here? If it turns out that the charges are based on fact, then it's unfortunate that Mr. Lyndon gave in to sin (greed, specifically). He is only human, though. Being a Christian doesn't make someone immune from succumbing to sin as many critics of Christians seem to think. Christians can and do sometimes give in to sin. Does that mean they are hypocrites? No. It means they are imperfect. Only one man in history was ever sinless and perfect and he died a criminal's death on a cross at Calvary to pay for the sins past, present, and future of those who repent and put their faith in him.

All in all, this whole situation just goes to show the immense price that sin costs people. The sins of the people who lied about the "Left Behind" games hurt the company financially. That apparently led to the unfortunate decision of Mr. Lyndon to commit his own sin -- perhaps out of a love for money. Ultimately, nobody wins here. Oh, the people who lied about the game think they won, but at what cost?

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Be A Man

Be a Man from Todd LaBerge on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


My fellow men, may I be perfectly frank?  It's time to man up and grow up!  There is a pandemic in this country of males with adult bodies afflicted with children's minds and spirits.  We have too many men who are suffering from the negative effects of a long-extended adolescence.  Indeed, not only are they suffering, but these negative effects are being passed on to their families and causing their wives and children to suffer!  This should not be!  We have been called to something greater!  In 1 Corinthians 13, the Apostle Paul tells us, "When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me."  This is our mark, men!  This is God's calling for us!

I'm starting down the road of calling out the man in my son, but you know, I could only do so after putting my own childish ways behind me.  How could I ever lead him to manhood before I embraced it for and in myself?  It would have been the blind leading the blind!  Such a foolish endeavor would undoubtedly end only in damaging him, me, and our relationship.

To my shame, I failed to embrace Godly manhood for far, far too long.  I desperately held on to my childish ways and my childish things well beyond the point I should have let them go.  From choices of entertainment to attitude and behaviors, I was mired down, living for myself, and refusing to grow.  Thankfully, the Lord showed me there was a better way and a better purpose for my life.  It wasn't an easy path, though.  I resisted.  I planted my feet firmly and dug in... hard.  I growled and yelled and gnashed my teeth.  I lashed out.  I hurt those whom I loved most.  I hurt myself.  I hurt God.  I paid the price.  God taught me some harsh lessons because of my continued rebellion and I very nearly lost everything that was priceless to me.  Thankfully, though, through His limitless love, grace, and mercy, I found forgiveness, healing, restoration, recommitment, and a new purpose.  My journey's not done, though.  I have a ways to go yet as I continue to search myself inside and out and keep finding little "hangers-on" that need to be dealt with.  The old adage "Be patient -- God's not done with me yet" holds true, but I find that it not only applies to others being patient with me, but also to me being patient with God as He works in my life, bringing me to where He wants me to be.

Now, don't let it be thought that I'm saying men need to be humorless, joyless fuddy-duddies who can't ever have fun.  I'm absolutely not saying that.  We can still do things like play games and have fun.  We just need to make sure that those things do not come to dominate our lives and that we never lose our focus on what's truly important.

Men, please don't blow this off today and wake up tomorrow only to suddenly find to your great regret that years have passed and you've wasted all that time.  The time to make the decision is NOW!  This is something we need.  It's something that our wives and children desperately desire.  It's what God demands.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

We're at war

Profoundly mature thinking from a young man regarding the fair sex

"It arouses the male in me, but it doesn't attract the man in me."

From the 18:36 mark here.

This statement blew me away. I was simply floored by how profound, how wise, how mature, and how spiritually pure it was. I was also amazed at how relevant it was for me in light of the road I'm going to be going down with Jon starting this weekend. That statement is exactly -- EXACTLY!!! -- what I want to instill in his heart of hearts over the next few years!

Moving past VeggieTales

"Our son may enjoy some VeggieTales for fun. But it is my responsibility that he gets some MilkyTales when he's young and MeatyTales as he matures."
--Jeff Fuller


From here:
To anyone who wants to use the "Jesus didn't say anything about gay marriage" argument... He also didn't say anything about rape, suicide or pedophilia. So I guess by this logic those things are ok too right? He DID however give the blueprint for marriage in Matthew 19:4-6. So while He didn't mention it, He did state that marriage is one man and one woman. Interesting how that part always gets left out of this fallacious argument.
"Blueprint" is a good word to use. Think of a construction blueprint. Does anywhere on the blueprint say "Do not build this way?" Of course not, but if you don't follow what the architect drew up on the blueprint, you're going to be in some serious trouble. You won't be able to weasel out of it by arguing that the architect didn't say/write anything about constructing the building how YOU saw fit.

God's ONLY standard for marriage

2000 years ago, marriage was already in trouble. Adultery, abuse, divorce... A man could justify divorcing his wife over something as trite as one bad meal! (Not really that much different from today, was it?) But when Jesus came and started teaching, what did he say about marriage? Did he look at what a mess traditional marriage had become and say, "Well, you guys have made such a mess of marriage as it is and, well, God is love, and love is love is love, so there's no real reason for me to defend and limit marriage to one man and one woman, so just do whatever you think is right."? Of course not! Jesus still upheld God's standard -- God's ONLY standard -- for marriage despite the times and the failings of humans -- even the failings of those who followed him. He expects us to uphold the same standard despite our times and our failings. This is because we're not called by God to judge the applicability of His Word according to the circumstances of the world we currently live in. The applicability of God's Word is not dictated by the world. It stands apart from the world.

Friday, September 21, 2012


I just deleted a ton of past posts. They simply do not matter anymore. I'm making changes both personally and here. Bear with me.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

10 years later: Mark Bavis (repost)

Mark Bavis loved hockey. He started skating at the tender age of 4 and started shooting goals shortly after. His identical twin brother Mike also enjoyed the game and the two practiced and played together in minor hockey and then for their high school team, the Catholic Memorial Knights. Mark and Mike helped the Knights win three state championships.

In college, Mark played for the Boston University Terriers and played in the NCAA Tournament four times with three trips to the semi-finals and one championship game against Northern Michigan in 1991. The championship game went into triple-overtime, but ended in an 8-7 win for Michigan.

After college, Mark played in the American Hockey League for three years as a ninth-round draft pick for the New York Rangers. Later, he played for the South Carolina Stingrays for two years, where he and Mike became teammates again the first year. This would be the last time the two played together professionally. Mike eventually went on to become an assistant hockey coach at Boston University.

After leaving the Stingrays, Mark turned to coaching and eventually landed jobs as assistant coach for Brown University and then Harvard. Of the latter, he said, "I'm very excited to have the opportunity to be at one of the best institutions for academics and hockey in this country." Mark's work at Harvard eventually earned him the notice of the Chicago Freeze, a North American Hockey League team, who made him an assistant coach in 1999.

Then in 2000, Mark was hired by the Los Angeles Kings as an assistant scout under hockey great Garnet "Ace" Bailey.

On September 11th, 2001, Mark and Garnet were traveling together aboard United Flight 175, which crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center at 9:03 a.m. Eastern.

At Mark's memorial mass on September 19th, Mike spoke of Mark's deepening faith, his plans to enroll in law school, and their love for each other. "We had an unspoken love. We spent so much time together. I knew how he felt and he knew how I felt."

Mike spoke of when he became a father for the first time, saying, "Nothing was like the day I saw my brother holding my son, Jack."

And of the fateful events surrounding Mark's death, Mike stated, "It makes me feel good that my brother was with Ace. We need courage to face what happened, as a family and as a country. We need to return to life as it was on September 10th. I'm going to be out there again. And I'm going to be flying by plane... trying to figure out a way to beat BC. In no way am I going to let the people involved in this think they got me twice."

Mark's legacy did not die with him, however. During his days playing and coaching, he mentored many young hockey players. Mark worked for both the Massachusetts USA Satellite Program (where he eventually was named the program director) and the International Hockey Academy. He also opened a hockey summer camp of his own in Canton, Massachusetts, which helped children both athletically and academically.

His work now lives on with the Mark Bavis Leadership Foundation, which was founded by his family and friends. The Foundation provides annual grants to help young people with tuition, summer programs and appropriate extracurricular activities so as to better themselves as well as their schools and communities.

Additionally, Kevin O’Sullivan, an old friend and Catholic Memorial teammate, recently opened a sports complex in memory of Mark: the Mark Bavis Ice Arena in Rockland, Massachusetts. The complex features two ice surfaces, a turf field, 5 locker rooms, 5 party rooms (where kids can enjoy sports-themed birthday parties), a lounge with a big-screen TV, a meeting room and a pro shop.

Mark was preceded in death by a brother and his father. He is survived by his twin brother, Mike; his mother, Mary; two other brothers, Pat and Johnny; and three sisters, Kelly, Mary Ellen and Kathy.

Additional information and photos about Mark can be found on the Mark Bavis Leadership Foundation website.

We remember Mark and everyone one else who died on September 11, 2001. They may no longer be with us, but their legacies will live forever. Please click the image below to go to the "2,996" project website where you can find links to more tributes. Thank you, and may God bless you, God bless the Bavis Family and God bless America.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Left Behind: Eternal Forces - Mission 28

Mission 28 continues the story arc. You must help a main character search for another. It's not easy! GC forces are everywhere and reinforcements arrive continually.

Mission 28

Recruit, train, build, protect, safely reach map coordinates and survive.

VE*: 0
CK*: 0
PS*: 38 (no change due to no "Peaceful mission" goal)

*Abbreviations: "VE" = number of times violence is encouraged, "CK" = number of times "convert or kill" is encouraged, "PS" = number of times a peaceful solution is encouraged.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Left Behind: Eternal Forces - Mission 27

Mission 27 is a continuation of a story arc involving a main character from the novels, whom you must protect from GCP attacks while you traverse the city. You are instructed to train a couple of soldiers and some musicians, but again, the musicians are far, far more effective at countering the attacks. This level also features a little something special that relies on you having paid attention to the information screens you get at the end of levels.

Mission 27

Recruit, train, build, protect, safely reach map coordinates and survive.

VE*: 0
CK*: 0
PS*: 38 (no change due to no "Peaceful mission" goal)

*Abbreviations: "VE" = number of times violence is encouraged, "CK" = number of times "convert or kill" is encouraged, "PS" = number of times a peaceful solution is encouraged.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Left Behind: Eternal Forces - Mission 26

Mission 26

Recruit, train, build, heal and survive.

VE*: 0
CK*: 0
PS*: 38 (+1 for "Peaceful mission" goal)

*Abbreviations: "VE" = number of times violence is encouraged, "CK" = number of times "convert or kill" is encouraged, "PS" = number of times a peaceful solution is encouraged.

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